10 Tips to Cut Office Print Costs

Reduce Your Printing Costs by Eliminating These Unexpected Costs

Published by Marc Freedman on February 29, 2016

It might well surprise you to learn that drop for drop printer ink is actually more expensive than Dom Perignon champagne.  If your business deals with a lot of paperwork then it is likely you are spending a small fortune on printer ink.

How should you be looking to save money on your printing costs at every opportunity? Here are our 10 tips to help reduce your printing costs.

Save money by avoiding brand cartridges

Don’t be fooled to think you can only use the same brand cartridges in your printer.  This is what the manufacturers want you to think, but in fact you can use any compatible cartridge with your printer.  An excellent way to save money on your printing costs is to switch to non-brand cartridges.

Use your printer less

This will sound like a really obvious one, but it is the simplest and quickest way to save money on your printing costs.  Get in the habit of only printing what is absolutely necessary.

Tinker with your fonts

This may not be one you have already thought of but certain fonts use less ink than others.  For example, Times New Roman uses less ink than Arial and will save you money on your printing costs. Try reducing your font size to 11 or 10 from the standard 12 and only use bold type face if really required as this will again use more ink.

Print on both sides

This might not work for everyone but printing on both sides of paper is again a quick and easy way to save money on printing costs for documents, which need to be printed.

Don’t forget to use print preview

Why not check your document first to see how many pages you are actually going to print?  By using this you can even just print the pages you actually need saving on paper and ink, which is a great way to save money on your printing costs.  Make sure you do this when printing from the web as normally you get a page with the URL of the web page and time of print, which is just an additional waste.

Print using draft mode

Make sure to set your printer to print in draft or rough settings so you use less ink and toner.  This is a good way to save money on your printing costs as you can always adjust the settings when you need photo quality but there is no point in printing standard documents or web pages in this setting.

Print in black and white

It is simple to set your printer to only print in black and white.  Doing this by default means you won’t use your color ink or toner, which will save you money on your printing costs.  Additionally, black ink or toner is cheaper to replace than color.  You can then switch to color when it is needed.

Consider getting a new printer

This may seem a bit mad, but actually, it may be worth considering as a way to save money on your printing costs.  Technology is advancing and more efficient printers are available.  Old printers use more ink and the cost of their cartridges increase as demand declines. Consider the actual cost per page as the cheaper your unit, the higher the cost per page will usually be. Most ink jet printers are very inexpensive because of the higher cost of liquid ink over laser ink. Think of the razor blade model – a razor company sends you a free razor in the mail knowing you will need to buy replacement blades forever.

Consider a managed print services provider

If you have multiple devices and print a lot, you should consider hiring a company that provides managed print services. This solution is not something to run from and depending on your volume can be an excellent way to save money on your printing costs.  This is a bit like a phone contract in that you get a certain number of prints per month at a fixed cost.  If you run over the allotted prints allowed, there is an additional charge per copy for exceeding your normal and customary usage. Additionally, you get a service contract for your printer so if anything goes wrong and the technician comes and fixes the issue at no additional cost.

Consider buying your ink in bulk

A lot of online printer retailers offer discounts for bulk purchases. So you are getting your ink cartridges at a lower cost per unit than buying individually. That said, do not purchase more than you can use as you may just end up not saving anything if cartridges go unused and expire only to be discarded.