We are NOT a good fit for your company/organization if…

1. You are looking to outsource your entire accounting responsibilities

At Expense To Profit it is a team effort with you to determine where best to save and recover money spent to find the largest impact for your organization.

2. You have no interest in determining if your vendor is living up to the agreement

(handshake or written) you currently have for product quality, service levels and expected pricing.  We deliver to you, as a best practice, a monthly audit service that monitors quality, service and pricing on your behalf and provide you a report with the results.

3. If you are not willing to think “outside of the box.”

Some of our solutions will be different than what you may be used to.  If you are averse to changing processes, you would not be a good client for ETP.

4. 87% of the time we maintain your existing vendor/service provider relationship.

If you have no interest in changing a relationship if that is the only option to savings, you will not be a good fit.

5. If you do not have 100% buy-in from everyone in your finance group

(CFO, Controller, bookkeepers and procurement personnel) we have found it difficult to be successful and will generally fail.

6. You’re looking for the lowest price consultant.

Clearly, there are many consultants that will charge differently than we do. We work on a success bases with no risk to you if we do not find a recovery or any savings.  So if you are basing your expense reduction consultant’s fee on price alone, please know we won’t be a good fit.

7. You do not deal well with constructive feedback.

We feel it is our obligation to always be 100% frank, honest and concise with our recommendations to our clients.  We understand that not everyone receives feedback well when the results of our findings are presented so we apologize in advance.