The Post-COVID Return to the Office: New Findings

Halfway into the new year, the after-effect of last year’s pandemic lingers. We remember how it brutally rearranged the economic and corporate landscape of businesses across the world. Business summits, product launches, and everything in between was placed on hold while everyone remained indoors due to lockdown protocols.

The Post-COVID Return to the Office: New Findings2021-10-05T17:06:24-04:00

How does your Health Plan control Drug Costs?

One of the major concerns we are trying to tackle is rising drug prices. Again we are seeing during the global pandemic healthcare takes center stage. As a result, while these hikes in drug costs are relatively unexpected, one can easily predict that healthcare is not cheap.

How does your Health Plan control Drug Costs?2021-05-26T12:41:24-04:00

Is an Expense Consultant Expensive?

Did you know you're overpaying for some of your business expenses by about 18%? You are not alone: most businesses are unaware that they are overpaying vendors and service providers. We didn't make that statistic up either. When we audit our clients' expenses and identify areas for savings, we save them 18% on average. That is a substantial sum of money. We created this guide because we frequently encounter business owners who are unaware they are overpaying for the cost of doing business and don't know where to begin. Below you will find information on why you should hire an

Is an Expense Consultant Expensive?2021-05-21T16:11:47-04:00

Benchmarking and ESG Reporting Deadlines Approach

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) criteria are an essential requirement for every business in 2021 as world deals with a different kind of pandemic. The CO2 emission kind. Which is why focusing on ESG reporting can be an important business decision.

Benchmarking and ESG Reporting Deadlines Approach2021-05-11T12:06:04-04:00

Carbon Reduction Has a Positive Impact on Company Valuations

Climate change is a problem we are constantly faced with. With regulatory bodies across the world now swinging into action to curb the dangers of carbon emission, it has now become a collective duty to protect the planet. Businesses and corporations were previously indifferent on the matter. But with the increasing awareness of the potential and already apparent environmental impacts of carbon emission has entered the public discourse. Considering the public interest in the matter corporations can now use carbon reduction to both help the planet and increase valuations.

Carbon Reduction Has a Positive Impact on Company Valuations2021-08-23T16:33:32-04:00

How to Prepare for Fleet Electrification

The planet faces a different kind of danger, sustainability. Over the past couple of years we have seen business owners take up the challenge and commit to going green. One way in which this is happening is fleet electrification.

How to Prepare for Fleet Electrification2021-04-28T12:45:10-04:00

Energy Related Tax Savings for Commercial Properties

Business and property owners the world over want to increase productivity while limiting operational costs and expenses from their businesses. In the wake of the global pandemic numerous commercial operations were put on hold and businesses had to get creative. A way in which you the business owner can do this is evaluating the taxes you pay. You may qualify for certain tax reduction, especially energy related tax deductions, and not be aware.

Energy Related Tax Savings for Commercial Properties2021-04-23T10:02:54-04:00

The Post-COVID Return to the Office: A Smaller, More Efficient Process

The global pandemic which ravaged the world last year transformed how we carried out our businesses. While we can not ignore the negative impacts COVID reflected on most businesses, it also fostered some positive outcomes. The Post-COVID return to the office will see these changes implemented.

The Post-COVID Return to the Office: A Smaller, More Efficient Process2021-07-20T09:55:57-04:00

Employee Benefits in a ‘Work from Anywhere’ Environment

We can not ignore the fact that working remotely is the new normal now. Once, it was relegated to freelancers and virtual assistants. But the pandemic happened and the mode of business operations was haltered. The ability to 'work from anywhere' has become more common and is here to stay.

Employee Benefits in a ‘Work from Anywhere’ Environment2021-04-08T10:02:08-04:00

Outsourcing IT as a Cost Saving Method

Every business owner, large or small, wants to increase productivity and reduce expenses. It is for this reason business executives are looking to implement strategies to upscale and lower costs. As we are all stepping out of a dreadful pandemic, more than ever, businesses want to cut down expenses and should consider outsourcing their IT department as an option.

Outsourcing IT as a Cost Saving Method2021-04-01T11:04:52-04:00
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