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04 19, 2019

Productive Expense Reduction Strategies


Our cost reduction strategies go beyond conducting a competitive bidding process and recommending changing vendors. In fact, 82% of our recommended solutions have involved keeping our clients' existing vendors. Learn more about our cost savings methods here.

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03 10, 2017

Country Club Cuts Costs for Health Insurance and Food


Published by Marc Freedman on March 10, 2017 Challenge: Maintain high standards as cost and member retention pressures intensify. Like many country clubs operating in the current economy, costs for this Mid Atlantic client are increasing even as membership is decreasing. Efforts to cut costs while maintaining high-quality member services is a tough balancing act. On one hand, members may leave if dues, fees and prices increase to offset financial pressures in other areas. On the other hand, if costs

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11 30, 2016

What is The DIfference Between an Accountant, CFO & Expense Reduction Consultant


Published by Marc Freedman on November 30, 2016 What is The Difference Between an Accountant, CFO and Expense Reduction Consultant Accountant Certified Financial Officer Expense Reduction Consultant Compiles your companies financial statements from client-provided data. Works mostly in the past– using the historical data from your business Delivers updated financials weeks or months after the close of an accounting period(month, quarter, or year) Compiles financial statements in accordance with tax  and regulatory requirements and practices consistent with the type of

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01 29, 2016

How Important is Checking Invoices?


We have found that approximately 1 in 10 invoices have errors, and half of the errors ones get paid anyway. Do you give your invoices a cursory glance and approve them for payment, or do you purposefully challenge each one?

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01 22, 2015

Mission and Commitment


Our Mission is to partner with your organization to save you money. Our Consultants assess your spending and create a plan to reduce your non-labor expenses so that you can reinvest the savings in the growth of your organization. Our team of Cost Reduction Experts then get to work implementing that plan, showing you guaranteed results within 30 days. Expense To Profit’s commitment is creating innovative solutions for immediate and long-term results. Once you partner with Expense To Profit, you

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