0610, 2016

8 Expenses You Can Stop Paying Today

New technologies can save you money in ways you may not have thought possible.  Everyone knows there are two ways to beef up the bottom line. You can make more money—and let’s assume you are trying to do that every

0429, 2016

Cost Reduction A Tough Job For CEOs & CFOs

Cost is a phenomenon that needs to be controlled throughout the life of a company. Cost decisions hold a major significance and are usually handled by senior management executives. The financial stance of an organization, whether small or large, has to

0329, 2016

What does it cost to hire an Expense Consultant?

Most consultants that provide expense reduction and recovery services do so on a no cost, no risk contingency fee model.   This means, if they do not find savings nor recover an overpayment, you do not owe them anything for their

0229, 2016

10 Tips to Cut Office Print Costs

It might well surprise you to learn that drop for drop printer ink is actually more expensive than Dom Perignon champagne.  If your business deals with a lot of paperwork then it is likely you are spending a small fortune

0129, 2016

How important is checking invoices?

Almost certainly you have paid or authorized invoices that were plain WRONG. We have found that approximately 1 in 10 invoices have errors, and half of the errors ones get paid anyway. Do you give your invoices a cursory glance

1229, 2015

Productive Expense Reduction Strategies

We understand that changing vendors is not always the best solution for your business. In over 82% of our recommended solutions provided to our clients, we were able to maintain their existing vendor relationships.  Expense To Profit’s cost reduction strategies go far beyond conducting

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