Is Your Business Ready for Rising Insurance Premiums?

Rising insurance costs may become a concern for businesses as they gradually adapt to an inflationary post-pandemic season. Your business insurance premium renewal may have arrived, and the numbers may have surprised you. Or perhaps you haven't received yours yet but have seen a consistent rise in the premiums over time.

Is Your Business Ready for Rising Insurance Premiums?2022-09-23T11:00:17-04:00

Managing Food and Costs in Your Restaurant

Restaurant owners have a lot of duties to manage. Cost management comes first on the long list, then delivering exceptional customer service, paying bills, and processing payroll. A restaurant's objective is to give patrons wonderful experiences while making money from them. Any restaurant owner who wants to succeed at this must control food costs and other expenses.

Managing Food and Costs in Your Restaurant2022-08-16T16:34:55-04:00

Managing Expenses With An Impending Recession

As businesses and corporations the world over put the struggles of the global pandemic behind, the battle for economic stability lingers. Now more than ever, business executives are dealing with a different economic downturn: impending recession. 

Managing Expenses With An Impending Recession2022-04-13T09:13:31-04:00

Change the Way You Pay and Save

There is a hint of optimism in the air as the economic landscape is now swinging back into normalcy. And while we welcome this change for the first time in over 18 months, business owners and CFOs are currently looking for seamless ways to tackle administrative and financial challenges. Because of this you can review many of your business expenses. In addition, the way in which you pay your business' bills can also help you save.

Change the Way You Pay and Save2021-11-23T14:41:22-05:00

What is Compensation Management Software?

Now that the world is gradually swinging back into normalcy, employers worldwide face a significant operating expense: workers' compensation. It’s a constant tussle between getting it right or making the wrong choices. Each of these management decisions come with their own implications. Which is where compensation management software can be beneficial to a business.

What is Compensation Management Software?2021-11-09T08:43:07-05:00

Will the SEC Propose Rules on ESG?

Before the global pandemic swept through and halted operations of businesses the world over, we were all dealing with a different kind of pandemic. However, global warming as a result of the ozone layer depletion is a menace that, if unchecked, will wreak havoc on a larger scale. Which is why the SEC is looking into potential new rules for ESG compliance.

Will the SEC Propose Rules on ESG?2022-01-18T08:05:46-05:00

Is an Expense Consultant Expensive?

Did you know you're overpaying for some of your business expenses by about 18%? You are not alone: most businesses are unaware that they are overpaying vendors and service providers. We didn't make that statistic up either. When we audit our clients' expenses and identify areas for savings, we save them 18% on average. That is a substantial sum of money. We created this guide because we frequently encounter business owners who are unaware they are overpaying for the cost of doing business and don't know where to begin. Below you will find information on why you should hire an

Is an Expense Consultant Expensive?2022-09-29T18:46:39-04:00

Cost Reduction: A Tough Job For CEOs and CFOs

Business costs are one of the many aspects that need to be controlled within a company. It is not enough that your business continuously engages in investment activities. It does not guarantee you success. There is still a need to go through budgeting, planning, and accounting for the business' finances. As such, making cost decisions is essential for CEOs and CFOs. It also holds a vital significance in the industry.

Cost Reduction: A Tough Job For CEOs and CFOs2021-01-22T15:28:26-05:00

What Does it Cost to Hire an Expense Consultant?

Hiring an expense consultant can help improve your company’s bottom line, but you likely have questions about the process. Learn about hiring one here.

What Does it Cost to Hire an Expense Consultant?2022-07-11T15:19:11-04:00
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