Marc Freedman, Expense To Profit, Managing Partner

Chief Cost Evaluator

Marc Freedman
Certified Expense Reduction Consultant

With over 35 years of helping businesses find ways to be more profitable, Marc has led many teams of consultants and advisers that provide operational analysis and solutions for organizations.  The depth and expense reduction guidance provides an excellent augmentation to our client management teams.  Marc partners with a team of thought leaders and spend consultants with a knowledge base that averages over 20 years in their category. He has created, formulated, designed and installed comprehensive solutions that has enabled managements to control costs while allowing them to focus their time on achieving growth and profitability goals. In over 85% of our successful implementations there was no need to change your current partner/vendor.

Association For Enterprise Growth

Membership Committee

Global CEO Advisors 

Board of Directors, Executive Committee

National Association of Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Special Events Chair, Executive Committee


Business Development and Client Engagement Specialist

Raphael Socher

Raphael is a recent graduate of the University of Miami with a degree in biomedical engineering. During his time there he was focused spending a lot of time in a variety of roles. Between instantiating from ideation to execution a $50,000 model UN conference over the course of two years to overseeing a team of five designing a novel medical device and executing numerous high level research projects in the neurosensory lab. He will be leading our new client acquisition team.


Jim Shelton

Certified Expense Reduction Consultant

Jim Shelton

Jim, the principal of Shenandoah Capital, is a former part-time CFO and 25+ year commercial banker. His primary areas of focus at ETP are business development and general expense reduction/funds recovery. He founded Shenandoah Capital with the mission of not only helping businesses gain access to capital, but helping borrowers with a high cost of capital reduce those costs. Over the years he has found that capital is much more readily available than most believe, and with most business concerns, access to significant amounts of capital can be effectively gained by optimizing key non-labor expenses. Not only does expense optimization improve cash flows, liquidity and profitability, it tends to reduce balance sheet leverage as well, thereby making the business more attractive to both potential debt funding sources, investors and acquirers.


Todd Sherbacow, Expense To Profit

Commercial Real Estate Advisor

Todd Sherbacow

Todd is a seasoned commercial real estate advisor with MGA. His consultative practice looks at the total cost of occupancy of an organization, including the lease. This data is then compared with like-minded institutions to provide a peer to peer evaluation of expenses for each client. Lease negotiation are significant to Todd’s clients, but he is often with them 3 and 5 years before the lease is addressed. Especially with the ever-declining cost of technology, MGA has great contacts in all facets of business operations to reduce costs. Todd successfully works with Expense to Profit with lease audits, renegotiations of costs such as IT, phone, copiers and construction costs.


Waste and Recycling

Amy Snyder

Amy is the Principal of Environmental Solutions Consulting our solution partner for this category.  With the objective of increasing client revenue by decreasing the costs associated with hauling solid waste and adding an income stream for a recycling program. The waste and recycling industry is complex and continually evolving.  There is an overwhelming amount of information, technological innovation and new markets for recycled material.  The time spent to research and evaluate what is meaningful to your organization would probably be better spent elsewhere.  Amy’s category knowledge and experience in this spend is second to none.