Employer Healthcare Costs Are Driven by These Common Conditions

Health is wealth. A statement of fact that never gets old. One of the best gifts you can ever gift yourself is sound health. But this typically comes with a price tag on it—and certain common conditions typically drive up healthcare costs.

Employer Healthcare Costs Are Driven by These Common Conditions2021-03-02T16:28:37-05:00

The Growing Cloud Based Waste Problem

Due to the exponential changes constantly happening throughout the business world we are continuously introduced to more time-efficient and flexible ways of conducting business. Tech has seeped into virtually every sector, and we see more and more businesses making use of cloud computing services. According to a recent statistic, about 96% of businesses worldwide are making use of at least one cloud computing service for their operations. We can not deny the relevance of cloud computing: it is safer, sustainable, prevents loss and flexible, among many other benefits.

The Growing Cloud Based Waste Problem2021-03-02T08:37:04-05:00

How To Manage New Post-COVID Business Expenses

The impact the global pandemic had on businesses was unexpected and unprecedented. As it lingered (more than we might have imagined), several businesses halted operations while others deployed emerging techniques to thrive. Now, with the administration of vaccines to curtail the virus, businesses can now swing into operation. And as businesses plan out ways to recover from the plight the pandemic caused, employers must look for ways to save money on expenses and increase their bottom line. Your businesses expenses in a post-COVID world might have drastically changed.

How To Manage New Post-COVID Business Expenses2021-02-19T15:31:53-05:00

The Great Waste In America’s Health Care

In light of the global pandemic, one thing we all can agree on is that health is paramount. We were told to remain indoors, wear face masks, and maintain social distancing to curtail the spread of the virus. As we transition towards a world free from the deadly virus, health comes to the forefront.

The Great Waste In America’s Health Care2021-02-17T17:09:42-05:00

Employees Want More Employer-Paid Benefits

The progress of any business is directly tied to the productivity of the workforce. Happy employees give the best results, are more productive, and loyal to the business. With the pandemic came the need for greater financial security. Thus, employees are looking for improved benefits as they return to work.

Employees Want More Employer-Paid Benefits2021-02-10T11:35:28-05:00

Small Businesses Denied PPP Loans Could be Eligible for the Employee Retention Credit

If there is one thing we can all agree on it is that the global pandemic completely threatened the way we lived. No one prepared for the menace that COVID-19 caused. Businesses and corporate organizations were forced to adapt to emerging measures in place to stay afloat. Other businesses, grappled with the reality of the lockdown protocols, had to shut down operations. But options did arise to help businesses like low-interest or forgiven business loans and the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

Small Businesses Denied PPP Loans Could be Eligible for the Employee Retention Credit2021-02-04T11:29:04-05:00

Effective HR Trends for 2021

It is difficult to ignore the indelible mark the global pandemic left in 2020, affecting the way businesses and corporations operated. At the height of it all, a lot of departments in businesses came to a grinding halt and many had to remain closed entirely. HR managers are facing new challenges and trends that they have never experienced before.

Effective HR Trends for 20212021-02-01T12:01:21-05:00

Do You Know You Qualify for R&D Tax Credits?

Over the last decade, due to technological advancements, businesses the world over have enjoyed innovation in the production and improvement of goods and services.  However, in the wake of the global pandemic, these businesses struggled to stay afloat. The economic meltdown dealt a huge blow to the commercial and industrial world. Now, with the production of vaccines to tackle the menace, it presents a glimmer of hope for everyone. But how will businesses bounce back to provide the services they once did? Where will they get the necessary funding to replenish lost dollars spent on manufacturing goods and producing services?

Do You Know You Qualify for R&D Tax Credits?2021-01-26T10:00:46-05:00

The “New Normal”? Examine Your Costs Now For A Changing Environment

The global pandemic changed the way businesses operate and how we see life. In the heat of the pandemic, a lot of businesses closed temporarily. A whopping 60% of closed businesses will not be opening, according to Yelp. Production lines have been regrettably cut. In spite of it all, others adopted emerging techniques and sometimes a "new normal" to stay afloat.

The “New Normal”? Examine Your Costs Now For A Changing Environment2021-01-22T15:14:25-05:00

The Common Mistakes Businesses Are Making Today and How to Fix Them

Running a business is a hectic experience. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. From the start, actualization, and daily operations, every step of the way is filled with hurdles and common mistakes. Some of which, you would have to plan to scale across.

The Common Mistakes Businesses Are Making Today and How to Fix Them2021-01-22T15:14:38-05:00
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