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Audits Completed
18500 +
Success Based
92 %
Average Savings
15.8 %
Gets Donated
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How We Work


There are no upfront costs and we only get paid by sharing with you from the actual savings achieved. This is all done at no risk to you. If we do not find savings you pay us no fees!

Vendor & Contract Review

We need the last invoice from a vendor, a contract or agreement if you have one, and the vendor contact person’s name. 


89% of the time we can negotiate better pricing without making a vendor change or sacrificing quality. We’ll only suggest changes that are equal to or better than what you have.

Savings = More Profit

On average, our clients save around 18% overall. Put your newfound profits to use allowing you to buy new equipment, advertise, or scale even further.


From our portion of the savings recovered we donate 5% in your name, directed by you to a cause-driven project, community contribution or to a charity partner of your choice.

Who Do We Help?

We assist CEOs, Executive Directors, CFOs, and other Executive Leaders who want to increase their revenues.

We have conducted more than 25,000 cost reviews for numerous clients across various industries.

The sectors encompassed in this list include healthcare, manufacturing, professional firms, hospitality, international conglomerates, and municipalities, among others.

The Expense to Profit Book

“Expense to Profit: Eliminate The Costs That Sabotage Your Growth” by Marc Freedman helps successful business owners that want to grow their business.

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Impact Fund Organizations

5% is Donated From Our Portion to a Cause Directed By Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you help?

We work with business owners, CEOs, Executive Directors, and the CFOs or other Executive Leaders looking to impress them.


We generally work with businesses generating $100mm+ in revenue per year with our largest client is over $1 trillion in annual revenue.


We have completed over 25,000 expense reviews for thousands of clients in a wide range of industries:

  • Non-profits
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Law Firms
  • Hospitality
  • Utilities & Energy
  • and many more
Is this going to be hard?

No. You start us off with about 15 minutes with
your finance person and some invoices.


Rest assured. We’ll come back with a list of recommendations.


You only need to sign renegotiated contracts
you’re happy with, then enjoy your savings.

Isn't this my job, to try to find lower costs and savings?

Your time is valuable & renegotiating contracts is time consuming.

Let us to do the tedious work. This is ALL WE DO… plus we make you look good!

Why does this sound too good to be true?

We have the advantage of having negotiated tens of thousands of vendor contracts – probably with your vendors.

We know what it should cost. We renegotiate the contract, then we split the savings with you.

How do I see if Expense to Profit is a good fit for my business?

Contact us today for a no-obligation discovery call. On our call, we’ll find out more about your business and see if and where we can be of service.

Contact us today, spend less next month. Get to know us, and see how we’ve earned the trust of hundreds of businesses like yours.

You can also complete our online interactive savings potential worksheet to evaluate whether Expense To Profit could be a resource to help find extra cash flow for you.

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Contact us today... see more profits by next month!

Get to know us, and see how we’ve earned the trust of thousands of businesses like yours.