We help you save lots of money on expenses.

We renegotiate your contracts for monthly business expenses. By using data from over 25K contract negotiations. You pay zero out of pocket. We split the savings with you.

How We Work

Start with a vendor & contract review.

We can help with things from IT services to temp agencies.

From leases to insurance.

Shipping and telecom and beyond.

Quality first. Our renegotiated contracts never compromise on quality.

We check product quality and service levels.

We’ll only suggest changes that are equal to or better than what you have.

89% of the time there’s no need to change vendors.

Who do we help?

We work with business owners, CEOs, Executive Directors, and the CFOs looking to impress them.

We have completed over 25,000 expense reviews
for thousands of clients in a wide range of industries.

Law Firms


Is this going to be hard?

No. You start us off with about 15 minutes with
your finance person and some invoices.

Rest assured.
We’ll come back with a list of recommendations.
You only need to sign renegotiated contracts
you’re happy with.

Enjoy your savings.

Isn’t that my job?

Your time is valuable.

Renegotiating contracts is time consuming.

Let us to do the tedious work.

We make you look good.

Sounds too good to be true.

We have the advantage of having negotiated tens of thousands of vendor contracts – probably with your vendors.

We know what it should cost.

We renegotiate the contract.

We split the savings with you.

This is what we’re good at. Let us help you.

Expense to Profit: Eliminate The Costs That Sabotage Your Growth by Marc Freedman

The Expense to Profit Book

“Expense to Profit: Eliminate The Costs That Sabotage Your Growth” by Marc Freedman helps successful business owners that want to grow their business.

Read what our clients say about us:

Words cannot express my gratitude to you for all the help you were to me during the sale of my business. First reviewing all of my expenses and getting them to where they should be was amazing. There is not a category that you could not handle. I could not have accomplished this without your business knowledge, your support, and your “know how!” I thank you and your team so very much and I hope to be able to work again with you in the future.

Florri Beckley, CEO, Your Cleaning Connection, North Potomac, MD

We were referred to Expense To Profit through an adviser we are using. When Marc reviewed our expenses he noticed we had not claimed any R&D Tax Credits. We are not sure why our existing CPA never suggested we file for those credits. Marc and his CPA R&D Tax Credit team found we did qualify and also provided the forms necessary to amend our past three years returns to recover the overpaid taxes. In addition, he and his team will also support us should the IRS have any inquiries in regards to our amended return for no additional fee.

Client since 2018, CEO, Robotics Company, East Peoria, IL

On a monthly basis we got bills for IT services and had no clue if we were really receiving the services that were invoiced. We were referred to Expense To Profit and they reviewed our situation. They suggested we interview two new providers and also include our existing provider whom we liked. They suggested we do a RFP and require the provider be a fixed-price billing model. We no longer worry about unforeseen issues such as malware infections and software upgrades triggering outrageous bills. The fixed-price billing model is a blessing.

Client since 2013, Office Manager, Law Firm, Washington, DC

After not getting anywhere with our wireless provider we hired Expense To Profit to review our services. Marc and his team was able to get us brand new phones and laptop cards without cost and also reduced our monthly expense by 48% and we did not have to change providers. He also made sure the new devices were delivered and activated, collected our old devices and got us rebates for those as well. His monthly reports are terrific as it shows us the exact savings.

Client since 2016, CEO, Building Supply Company, Beltsville, MD

Expense To Profit was able to reduce our energy supply costs by 18%. When you consume over 1 million megawatts annually that is significant savings that we were able to pass on to our tenants. We have renewed our rate a second time now and he was able to keep the increase to only 2% even though the supply markets are substantially higher than they were 3 years ago.

Client since 2015, VP Property Management, Libertyville, IL

You reviewed our contract and found that we were paying 50% more than other providers charge for the identical services. When you approached our current provider they told you that they would not renegotiate the contract and it is “buyer beware.” Really, they have been servicing our building for 15 years and that was their reply. We terminated our agreement with them, paid the termination fee and will still save 41% over the next three years with our new vendor.

Client since 2017, Building Owner, McLean, VA

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