Certified Expense Reduction Consultant (CERC)


Max Freedman

Certified Expense Reduction Consultant

Max Freedman serves as our Chief Operating Officer and is a Certified Expense Reduction Consultant, assisting our clients, internal team and affiliate partners.

Using his years of investment sales and corporate real estate experience, Max oversees and supports the entire Expense Reduction process allowing the Expense To Profit team to focus on finding our clients more savings.

Before joining Expense To Profit, Max worked as a research associate, financial analyst, project manager and as a sales agent, functioning within and outside a sales pipeline. This in bringing a unique perspective to the Expense Reduction team.

He is responsible for leading innovation and execution of corporate initiatives including technology and process improvements always looking to improve Expense to Profit.

International Association for Expense Reduction Consultants

Licensed Real Estate Agent: Maryland & the District of Columbia

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