Incumbent delivered outstanding service

A restaurant group with five successful establishments in the Washington DC area was happy with the outstanding service it enjoyed from its single-source supplier. A sales rep personally monitored inventories at all locations and delivered items twice a week during the peak summer season to ensure the restaurants were always stocked.

Nonetheless, the group was concerned when they noticed the supplier routinely swapped out standard items with replacements, often at higher costs and without notice.

They asked Expense To Profit (ETP) to identify any discrepancies and ways to save money.

We conducted a thorough review and analysis that determined about 100 items made up approximately 90% of the restaurants’ annual spend on supplies. This analysis enabled Consultants to issue a like-for-like RFP to the incumbent and other local suppliers.

Results go beyond savings

Not only did the restaurant group save 15% with their incumbent supplier in one of their largest expense areas, they were able to enhance their culinary arts as well.

The chefs have more time to create new dishes because ETP has freed them from managing the supply process. More importantly, the restaurants also have fresh funds to purchase new restaurant supplies to experiment with exciting new original culinary ideas.

Expense:Food Services Restaurant Supplies
Restaurant Cost Reduction Savings

Use of new funds: Purchase restaurant supplies to support the chefs’ fresh culinary ideas

Signature dishes use melon ballers, whippet chargers, lobby pans, Vollrath dishers and oyster cups!

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