Cost Reduction

32% of Cloud Spend is Wasted

Cloud computing and storage is the most convenient and efficient data management option. It is commonplace to see businesses and individuals moving critical infrastructure ‘to the cloud.’ Clouding is reshaping how enterprises conduct operations, which became more pronounced due to the global pandemic of 2020. Global cloud spend increased by 33% in 2022, showing that getting this expense under control for your business is paramount. 

32% of Cloud Spend is Wasted2022-09-12T10:42:37-04:00

Have You Completed a Workman’s Compensation Insurance Audit?

Depending on the kind and number of products or services, business owners incur various costs at the end of each month. Beyond taking care of your expenses ranging from your facility, overhead, equipment, and payroll, Workers Compensation insurance, and the associated claims are often overlooked.

Have You Completed a Workman’s Compensation Insurance Audit?2022-09-02T09:13:02-04:00

Managing Food and Costs in Your Restaurant

Restaurant owners have a lot of duties to manage. Cost management comes first on the long list, then delivering exceptional customer service, paying bills, and processing payroll. A restaurant's objective is to give patrons wonderful experiences while making money from them. Any restaurant owner who wants to succeed at this must control food costs and other expenses.

Managing Food and Costs in Your Restaurant2022-08-16T16:34:55-04:00

How to Select and Manage Your Vendor Partners

Managing your business goes beyond providing your customers with quality services and taking note of their feedback. It encompasses dealing with suppliers, contractors, and vendors to ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Choosing your vendor partners very carefully can significantly affect your business.

How to Select and Manage Your Vendor Partners2022-08-08T17:30:32-04:00

Controlling Expenses and Reducing Costs in a Medical Space

It seems impossible to avoid stories about rising operating costs. The healthcare sector is not an exception, as compelling data shows hospitals are spending much more than they should. This is why looking at how you can control expenses and reduce costs in the medical space is paramount.

Controlling Expenses and Reducing Costs in a Medical Space2022-08-04T10:05:38-04:00

A Risk Free Way To Improve Your Bottom Line

Successful companies know their cash flow and develop dependable plans to raise their profits. Business owners aim to offer high-quality service and increase revenue, notwithstanding the operational variations, target market, and customer.

A Risk Free Way To Improve Your Bottom Line2022-06-28T09:33:53-04:00

eSourcing For Reverse Auctions

What are the expectations of every business owner? To generate more sales, expand their brand structure, and improve their bottom line. But much more than that, their goal is to reduce operating costs.

eSourcing For Reverse Auctions2022-06-14T08:34:08-04:00

Inflationary Effects on Wages and Benefits

One of the most significant topics in virtually any industry is inflation. Currently, avoiding conversations about inflation seems impossible, and it is not good news for business executives or workers. The inflation and uncertainty in the stock and crypto markets make conversations around full recovery inconclusive. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), consumer prices have risen to 8.3% – the highest inflation rate recorded since 1981. The producer price index (PPI), an indicator of consumer price, also rose to 11.2%. Which raises further questions about the inflationary effects on wages and benefits?

Inflationary Effects on Wages and Benefits2022-05-19T11:08:28-04:00

Digital Solutions for the Cannabis Space

Despite the pandemic, the cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the US and the world. As local, national, and international regulations begin to ease, the industry is expected to boom over the years. Because of this, businesses in and around the cannabis space are popping up across the United States.

Digital Solutions for the Cannabis Space2022-05-09T10:25:21-04:00

How is Your Business Procuring Energy?

Procurement is the thread that holds production, sales, quality, sustainability, and supply chain management together. Thus, it is a commonplace to see business executives on high alert on procurement processes. Consistency reviewing your business's expenses and strategies can help reduce waste and overages and even help turn a more significant profit. How your business is procuring energy is no different from many other expenses.

How is Your Business Procuring Energy?2022-04-20T10:39:39-04:00
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