Expense To Profit© has demonstrated compliance with federal HIPAA regulation by completing Compliancy Group's proprietary HIPAA compliance methodology.

Expense To Profit completed their annual compliance audit of the federally mandated standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Through the use of Compliancy Group’s proprietary HIPAA methodology, The Guard® compliance tracking software, and HIPAA Seal of Compliance®.

HIPAA is a set of regulatory standards. They govern the security, privacy, and integrity of sensitive health care data, called protected health information (PHI). PHI is any demographic health care information that you can use to identify a patient. Vendors who service health care clients and come into contact with PHI in any way, must be HIPAA compliant.

Expense To Profit completed Compliancy Group’s Six Stage Implementation Program, adhering to the necessary regulatory standards outlined in the HIPAA Privacy Rule, HIPAA Security Rule, HIPAA Breach Notification Rule, HIPAA Omnibus Rule, and HITECH. These standards have been heavily vetted against the letter of the law and meet federal NIST requirements. Expense To Profit’s good faith effort to complete their annual HIPAA compliance through the use of The Guard has been verified by the Compliancy Group. Their HIPAA subject matter experts and Compliance Coaches complete this verification.

The HIPAA Seal of Compliance is issued to organizations that implement an effective HIPAA compliance program. Expense To Profit has achieved this through the use of The Guard, Compliancy Group’s proprietary compliance tracking solution.

Expense To Profit has completed the Compliancy Group Implementation Program under the guidance of Compliancy Group’s team of expert Compliance Coaches®. The important intersection between HIPAA compliance and data security is often lost. This can be especially true for IT providers who work in the health care space. Clients are becoming more aware of the requirements of HIPAA compliance–and forward-thinking providers like Expense To Profit choose the HIPAA Seal of Compliance to differentiate their services.

About Compliancy Group:

Compliancy Group simplifies HIPAA compliance so that health care professionals can confidently run their practice. The Guard™ is our simple, cost-effective, web-based solution. Compliance Coaches™ are their team of experts that guide users to Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain™ total HIPAA compliance. Visit https://www.compliancy-group.com or call 855.854.4722 to learn how simple it can be.

Expense To Profit:

Our Mission is to partner with your organization to save you money. We assess your spending and create a plan to reduce your non-labor expenses so that you can reinvest the savings in the growth of your organization. Our team of Cost Reduction Experts then get to work implementing that plan, showing you results within 30 days.

Expense To Profit’s commitment is creating innovative solutions for immediate and long-term results. When you partner with Expense To Profit, you are no longer alone. Our support is available to you long after we have fulfilled the terms of our contract. We commit to leaving behind sustainable savings solutions on autopilot that reduce your costs into the future.

Our innovative programs and tools will further enhance your potential for cost reduction. A return on your investment is inevitable.

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Published by Marc Freedman

Marc Freedman, CEO, Expense to Profits

Marc Freedman


Marc currently serves as our Chief Cost Evaluator, expertly advising our client management team on how to help you successfully achieve your business and financial growth goals. A respected mentor to all he consults with, he is an avid collaborator and contributor to the spend consultant community, guiding thought leaders to formulate, design, and install the best operational solutions available to their clients.