Trouble With Jargony Contracts: Worker’s Comp Premiums

Trouble With Jargony Contracts: Worker's Comp Premiums (Featured)

Published by Marc Freedman on March 26, 2019

Hidden Savings

Savings are usually hidden in the least expected places. In the case of one particular client, it was in their Worker’s Compensation Insurance premiums. How? Through improper employee classification codes. These codes caused very high overcharges and an inflated Employee Modification Rate (EMR). Oddly, no one had noticed. The client had no reason to suspect anything was wrong – especially with a trusted provider. We give all the policies a very close inspection. Because we were familiar with this area, we noticed a very significant discrepancy. Our client had overpaid by more than $1 million over just a couple of years.

Policies can be hard to read, besides the fine print is so small.

Oversights like these are very common and rarely identified. Policies are usually written in really tough, technical language that can be very specific to that particular industry. Few people can be expected to decode the dozens of contracts businesses have, covering everything from software to insurance to rent.

Our insurance specialist reviewed the policy and found the issue. We helped the client recover the cost of their overpaid premiums and had their rates adjusted. Not only did they recover the $1 million, but they will also save 18% on their policy moving forward.

Cash Win

This is a simple cash win for them. There were no cuts to their bottom line and no employees were laid off. The lesson? Look out for complicated policies.

We can probably save you money too.

If you’re curious if there might be savings hiding in your vendor contracts, try out our Savings Potential Worksheet. Then email us to get started.