The Perks that Office Workers Truly Want

With the world gradually swinging into normalcy, there have been some noticeable changes. Over 18 months, the workplace has shifted to introduce remote and hybrid offices that continue to be a part of the business landscape. Because of this employers should review and possibly revise the office perks that they offer.

Over the course of 18 months, we have covered some of the things you are bound to expect in a corporate and commercial landscape. We have addressed how to manage new post-COVID business expenses if you are looking to increase profits in your establishment. We have also explored employee benefits in a ‘work from anywhere’ environment for your remote workers.

You may have probably read about top tech companies offering some eye-popping perks to their employees. That is enough enticement, especially if you do not have the kind of budget to compete.

While working culture and operation differs, every business owner is concerned about boosting productivity. And that must start with the workplace. What perks should you put in your workplace to attract young talents and increase productivity?

We address them below:

Natural Light

Most employers do not perceive this as a perk for their workers, but they want it. According to Future Workplace – an HR advisory and research firm, over 50% of North American workers consider natural light an essential office perk. Some workers even agree that natural light and outdoor views are more important than on-site fitness centers and childcare.

This reason even begs the question: why are employees more interested in natural light?

The study from Future Workplace revealed that 78% of their respondents agree that natural light and outdoor views enhance their overall wellbeing and happiness. It also revealed that the lack of natural light makes these workers feel very tired and gloomy.

It is surprising, but it is true. According to research, people who work in a windowless office space tend to get less sleep time and quality than those who do not. The study also suggests that employees working beside a window and exposed to daylight experience a 2% increase in productivity.

It may not seem much for one person. But when you have got 50 workers exposed to natural light, you are bound to expect a 100% boost in productivity. Further studies also reveal that natural light in the workplace limits incidents like headaches, drowsiness, and eyestrains.

This may not be easy to incorporate if your physical office does not have a lot of windows. That is why you need to take innovative approaches:

  • Ditch the fluorescent lights. Studies show that fluorescent bulbs emit blue light and melatonin, proven to be toxic to the eyes. Instead, invest in desk lamps that replicate natural sunlight.
  • Encourage taking breaks. You can also tell your workers to take regular intervals to soak themselves in sunlight. They will help them stay focused and kill fatigue.

Workplace Temperature

The workplace temperature plays directly into the performance, productivity, and comfort of your workers. According to a survey, nearly 50% of over 1,000 workers opine that their office is too cold or hot.

While the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not state what temperatures should be maintained in workplaces, it merely suggests that thermostats should be between 68 and 76°F.


Another office perk workers are looking to experience is respect from managers and superiors. According to a study conducted by the University of Missouri and Kansas State University, full-time workers between 21 and 34 rank autonomous respect above other trendy perks.

From the study, it was safe to deduce that respectful workplace culture was a key indicator for job satisfaction and business loyalty. Your workers feel valued when they are constantly acknowledged and recognized for the work they always put in.

You can also foster a collaborative workplace culture when you regularly communicate with your workforce about new decisions and updates – instead of taking everyone by surprise. Get everyone involved by suggesting what they think is best and doable for long-term success.

Work Flexibility

Another perk you should consider for your worker is flexibility. Since the pandemic happened, flexibility has become a desired perk for most workers with families. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, children in 60% of American households have both parents working.

It is not out of place to see talents looking to work for companies that will provide flexibility so that they can strike a balance between work and life. Offering work flexibility means they will not have to ditch one crucial part of their lives for the other.


Look beyond those flashy perks that major corporations offer to their workers and implement the aforementioned perks. Shifting costs from expensive office perks to things your employees want can significantly reduce expenses and improve productivity. Choose what is best for you and your employees not necessarily what a competitor may be offering.

As an employer the best part of some of these perks is that they are free! The business landscape is continually shifting and so should the perks that you offer your employees.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your business cut unnecessary expenses while increasing profits and all the while improving employee morale.

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