Our CEO, Marc Freedman, joined Business Coach Jon Dwoskin of THINK Business LIVE to discuss Expense To Profit, our why and how to reduce companies expenses across any industry.

The full interview can be heard here: THINK Business LIVE with Marc Freedman, CEO and Founder of Expense To Profit

Interview Highlights:

  • Expenses versus investments? As COVID-19 began many looked at ways to save, but ultimately cut things like marketing budgets, which are more investment in yourself rather than an expense. How to determine the difference?
  • Are You Getting Market Price? Many of our clients believe they are getting market price. We are able to find additional savings on top of what is available to them in the market.
  • Finding what is Hidden in Plain Sight: Many believe their existing infrastructure is built to find savings, but it is actually built to manage what exists and find solutions to problems. We find solutions to problems they did not know existing.
  • The Knowing Comes from Doing: With over 25,000 audits, having the conversations, listening to the concerns enables us to find true market price.
  • Finding Fulfillment and Passion: How did you know? What was the feeling of alignment? Our expertise was in asking clients are you spending money the right way? By honing in on this ‘why’ we were focusing on what we do best.
  • We don’t have money for that: How often does a marketing department come up with a great idea, but are dismissed because of a lack of capital? We can help you find that money.
  • Expense To Profit Book: We discuss real life examples of how we have saved clients millions ins savings across all industries.
  • Speed run to close the interview. Favorite book? Best piece of wisdom you have ever received? The expense that most companies overlook? Once they realize this is an overlooked expense what should they do? Define yourself? Ideal clients and how to connect?


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