Benefits of A Proactive Health Management Plan for Both Employers and Employees

Benefits of A Proactive Health Management Plan for Both Employers and Employees

What is a Proactive Health Management Plan (or PHMP for short)?

Our health should be our number one priority; this is especially true if we’re working to support ourselves and our families. During our hectic lives, falling ill without a backup plan can devastate our bank accounts with countless medical costs and fees. This is where the design of health insurances and packages come in. 

There are many health insurance and health packages out there for employers to use. In this article, we will cover the PHMP: What it is all about and what are the benefits that it can offer for both employers and employees.

What is the Proactive Health Management Plan?

The Proactive Health Management Plan (PHMP) aims to give each member various benefits and resources to help them control and improve their health and well-being. These benefits include an online health coach, easy access to medical professionals through their telemedicine program, as well as other benefit programs.

With its expertise and resources, the PHMP can help employees prevent, diminish, or even eliminate any current health problems they are currently experiencing. Employers who focus on health as a top priority will lead to a happier, more reliable, and more capable workforce. On top of the access to various benefits, the PHMP also provides every covered member indemnity benefit that is fully insured. 

The Core Benefits of the Proactive Health Management Plan

Enrolled members to the PHMP will have access to the six core benefits which make up the bulk of the PHMP. These core benefits are as follows.

1. Health Coaching

The PHMP has professional health coaches that can guide you through the health challenges you’re facing. You can contact them online through email or phone calls. They offer tailored training and prevention programs that are designed to meet your goals and to address your specific health needs and online health lessons are also delivered to your inbox every week.

2. Health Risk Assessment

You will also get access to the Health Risk Assessment, a questionnaire to help evaluate the current state of your overall health. Their health professionals will then look at your Health Risk Assessment and determine which aspects of your health need the most urgent attention and start building a Proactive Health Management Plan specifically tailored to your needs. 

3. Dietary Assistance

Members of the PHMP will receive dietary assistance from their professional nutritionists. What we eat and how much exercise we do is one of the most important factors when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nutritionists will work with you to come up with meal plans and diets that are best suited for your body type and what food you enjoy.

4. Biometric Screenings

The Proactive Health Management Plan will offer important biometric screenings so that their coaches and professionals can provide their services efficiently and effectively. The biometric screening report will include necessary measurements and information such as height, weight, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, BMI, sugar levels, etc. All of these are important is the backbone in crafting the right Proactive Health Management Plan for you.

5. Telemedicine

We all know the headache of having to visit the doctor or hospital for a checkup. With PHMP, you can skip the long wait at the doctor’s office and immediately speak with a medical professional through their telemedicine service. Telemedicine program is a 24/7 service where doctors are available to help you or your family and provide consultation. Frequently, they can even prescribe medicine or diagnose over the phone with zero fees.

6. DNA Screening

Lastly, PHMP provides DNA screening for its members. DNA screening can tell you a lot of things about yourself that you may not even know. Things such as which vitamins or food will be the most beneficial for you, how effectively your body metabolizes substances such as caffeine or alcohol, etc. All of this information will help their health coaches guide you to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

How Does the Proactive Health Management Plan Benefit Employers and Employees?

Now that we’ve outlined what the Proactive Health Management Plan is and what are its core benefits, let’s look at what benefits it has to offer for both employers and employees.

1. Save Through Reduction in Payroll Tax Liability

Employers can save an annual average of up to $324 for every employee that participates in the Proactive Health Management Plan due to a reduction in payroll tax liability. The more employees that enroll, the more you will save as an employer.

2. Cut down on expensive medical visits

Employees can enjoy a cost reduction when it comes to medical visits as they will have access to the telemedicine program. The telemedicine program provides a 24/7 communication line to a nurse or physician so that they won’t have to visit urgent care or consultations every time something comes up. This service provides a reduction in medical costs by quite a bit. 

3. Predict Future Risks

The Proactive Health Management Plan can help prepare an employer and the company as a whole by accurately analyzing the current well-being and potential health risks that might afflict the staff members.


Everyone should have a backup plan when it comes to their health and finances. The Proactive Health Management Plan is a way to ensure that company employees get the benefits and security expected while not being overly expensive for the whole company. The PHMP, in turn, will increase productivity and lead to better business.

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