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Have You Completed a Workman’s Compensation Insurance Audit?

Depending on the kind and number of products or services, business owners incur various costs at the end of each month. Beyond taking care of your expenses ranging from your facility, overhead, equipment, and payroll, Workers Compensation insurance, and the associated claims are often overlooked.

Have You Completed a Workman’s Compensation Insurance Audit?2022-09-02T09:13:02-04:00

How Health Benefits Adapt When the Rules Change

At the end of June, the US Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v. Wade, sending shockwaves across the country and other parts of the world. This decision will have significant repercussions as many rules in and around healthcare will change.

How Health Benefits Adapt When the Rules Change2022-07-05T11:30:21-04:00

Inflationary Effects on Wages and Benefits

One of the most significant topics in virtually any industry is inflation. Currently, avoiding conversations about inflation seems impossible, and it is not good news for business executives or workers. The inflation and uncertainty in the stock and crypto markets make conversations around full recovery inconclusive. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), consumer prices have risen to 8.3% – the highest inflation rate recorded since 1981. The producer price index (PPI), an indicator of consumer price, also rose to 11.2%. Which raises further questions about the inflationary effects on wages and benefits?

Inflationary Effects on Wages and Benefits2022-05-19T11:08:28-04:00

Benefits: Everything In One Place

If there is one thing we can all agree on, benefits and healthcare packages offered to employees can often be confusing. Trying to find solutions to make both the employer and employees life easier can feel like a full time job. Which is why we are excited about a solution for your business where your employee benefits can be found all in one place.

Benefits: Everything In One Place2021-12-15T17:34:45-05:00

Price Transparency and Employee Benefits

No one likes to discuss the complexities of healthcare plans or how much they are spending on medical bills. But we just can not ignore the fact that healthcare spending is at an all-time high. As spending increases so should transparency.

Price Transparency and Employee Benefits2021-08-17T13:56:57-04:00

The Perks that Office Workers Truly Want

With the world gradually swinging into normalcy, there have been some noticeable changes. Over 18 months, the workplace has shifted to introduce remote and hybrid offices that continue to be apart of the business landscape. Because of this employers should review and possibly revise the office perks that they offer.

The Perks that Office Workers Truly Want2021-08-04T09:44:09-04:00

Workers’ Compensation Changes Due to COVID-19

Eighteen months after the global pandemic changed the commercial landscape and rendered many businesses inoperative, there is a glimmer of hope with the massive administration of COVID vaccines. Noticeably, there has been a lot of changes in the months leading to this point.

Workers’ Compensation Changes Due to COVID-192021-07-07T11:05:25-04:00

Typical Healthcare Plans are Changing

For the past 18 months the global pandemic has been the dominant storyline for headlines across the world. Because of this many are rethinking how we approach healthcare as a society. It is not so difficult to make the deductions from this emerging trend. The global pandemic raised the expenditure for drugs in the US to $358.7 billion, surpassing every other country’s expenses. Because of this typical healthcare plans will change.

Typical Healthcare Plans are Changing2021-06-07T10:24:20-04:00

Employee Benefits in a ‘Work from Anywhere’ Environment

We can not ignore the fact that working remotely is the new normal now. Once, it was relegated to freelancers and virtual assistants. But the pandemic happened and the mode of business operations was haltered. The ability to 'work from anywhere' has become more common and is here to stay.

Employee Benefits in a ‘Work from Anywhere’ Environment2021-04-08T10:02:08-04:00

Employers Abandon One Size Fits All Benefits Program

The global landscape for businesses is constantly changing. The pandemic halted how businesses usually operate and has ushered in emerging trends to foster more productivity such as flexible benefits plans.

Employers Abandon One Size Fits All Benefits Program2021-03-12T16:27:25-05:00
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