ESG as a Competitive Advantage

Well before the world was plagued by the pandemic, we were experiencing an evil all along: carbon footprint. We have come to recognize that we have been producing carbon dioxide emissions every day. Businesses have been on the forefront of recognizing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements and the competitive advantage implementing them brings.

While common contributors to carbon footprints include transportation, food, household energy, businesses also take up a fair share of the total amount of CO2. According to a recent statistic, if today’s trend continues, CO2 emission could reach 43.08 billion metric tons in 2050.

More people are becoming aware of the danger that this posits. NGOs the world over are taking the message of carbon reduction more than ever. Investors are gradually taking a close look at a company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements before investing there.

The ESG is not just how you manage CO2 emissions but also social and managerial aspects of your business.

Now, edging the competition requires you to up your game and implement many of these requirements.

But first things first…

What is ESG Criteria?

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria are standards (or a set of standards) for a business’ operations that investors would like to see implemented. This is what they consider before accepting to invest in the said business.

Those investing in companies based on ESG often refer to this as sustainable or impact investing.

If the parameters for your business are not met, it is very likely they will not go through with any negotiation.

How does ESG Criteria Work?

To see if a business is ESG compliant, investors review the following factors:

  • Environmental factors. This includes the mode of waste management, energy use, treatment of animals, pollution, and natural resource conservation. Typically, this factor evaluates how a business manages environmental risks and government regulations.
  • Social factors. This deals with the internal and external relationship your business has with others. Do your suppliers uphold the same values as yours? Do you prioritize your employees’ health and safety? What percentage of your profit goes back to the community? Do the interests of your stakeholders count? It is important that your business appear alluring enough for them to invest in it.
  • Governance factors. This solely deals with your transparency with regard to stakeholders’ decisions on the business. Many investors want to be given the opportunity to vote on important issues. They also want assurance that there will not be a conflict of interest in choosing company board members. They also want to be assured that the business will not be making illegal dealings under the table.

It is difficult to pass every test here and put up a convincing scorecard to attract investors.

But we have you covered.

Expense To Profit-Edenark Group Partnership

We are happy to announce that we recently partnered with Edenark Group to help businesses in the US improve their performance and therefore profit. Edenark Group is a leading SEC-approved organization that delivers a sustainability certification program called the Edenark Group ISO 14001.

With this partnership, your business will not just remain ESG compliant to attract investors and juicy contracts but maximize profits while minimizing expenses. We are aware it sounds unbelievable because of the potential this can cause for your business. But it is real and other businesses have been using ESQ as a competitive advantage.

Edenark Group, through the certification program, aims to provide regulated and securitized carbon offsets for your business to be carbon-neutral. This will further satisfy the UNFCCC/ISO/COP25 requirements.

Some of the benefits for your business include:

  • Becoming carbon neutral
  • Satisfy all ESG requirements
  • Stand out from other businesses
  • Introduce your business to investors seeking ESG-compliant ventures
  • Improved brand image
  • Improved financial performance (maximized profits and reduced expenses)
  • Promotion of the certification increases sales
  • Place you in a connected web of over 300K organizations.
  • Get an Edenark Group ISO 140001 sustainability certification.

As a member of the world’s securitized carbon offset program, Edenark Group can model how many carbon offsets your business needs. Once they document and verify the authenticity of the offsets, your business is now carbon neutral.

This certification program has the support by the United Nations, World Bank, ISO, SEC, and FINRA.

We know how tasking it is for businesses to operate as carbon neutral and ESG compliance. Businesses that are not ESG-compliant are a huge turnoff for most investors. That is why this certification program is important so that your business can level up and thrive beyond the competition.

Be on the side of nature today and enjoy profits like never before. Contact us today to turn ESG into a competitive advantage.

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