Expense To Profit Partners with Edenark Group to Create National Business Profitability Program


Expense To Profit Partners with Edenark Group to Create National Business Profitability Program

North Bethesda, MD – Expense To Profit has announced a relationship with Edenark Group that is intended to improve the performance and profit of American businesses.

“This newly established relationship combines the Edenark Group best-in-class sustainability certification program that provides competitive differentiation, brand enhancement and revenue-side benefit, with the Expense To Profit expense reduction and recovery services that drive cost reduction;at no risk or cost to businesses that participate in the program. This program allows businesses across America to take advantage of the opportunity to increase revenues and simultaneously decrease expenses, while also doing the right thing for the environment,” said Marc Freedman, Expense To Profit CEO.

“We are excited to partner with Expense To Profit,” added David Goodman, CEO of Edenark Group. “This program allows the client to benefit on both sides of the P&L, while also benefitting all stakeholders and the community it serves. Consumers want their suppliers to show they are Good Corporate Citizens by being certified sustainable. This program allows a company to become so, andpromote same for revenue-benefit, while also saving money. Not a bad combination.”

Edenark Group (https://edenark.com/) uniquely delivers the world’s premier sustainability certification program, the Edenark Group ISO 14001; providing corporate competitive differentiation, improved brand image, and sales/revenue/valuation gains for organizations that care about the environment and wish to be part of the solution. Certified sustainable organizations are growing faster than their non-certified competitive peers.

Expense To Profit (http://expensetoprofit.com) is a leading expense reduction and spend analysis firm. Expense To Profit uses its network of nationwide experts to reduce its clienteles’ expenses, without compromising their mission or product. The firm’s experience consists of over 25,000 audits across 40+ spend categories, finding clients over $1 billion in savings. Expense To Profit has worked with clients across the US, Canada and Mexico. Learn more at: www.expensetoprofit.com



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