Publish. Promote. Profit. with Marc Freedman

Our CEO and Founder, Marc Freedman, joined Rob Kosberg of the Publish. Promote. Profit. podcast to discuss Expense To Profit, our why and how to reduce companies expenses across any industry.

The full interview can be heard here: Publish. Promote. Profit. Podcast Hosted by Rob Kosberg with Marc Freedman

Interview Highlights:

  • What are the first things you look at? First steps in the process? We have them run a category expense report. Run a general ledger with vendors so we can see who you are spending money with and how you are spending. Which check do you hate writing the most?
  • You start with the breakdown. What are some of the other steps? So we’ll contact their vendors and get an electronic version of what the vendor sold you over the past twelve months. From there we create a baseline report….
  • You wrote a book so maybe a small business owner could apply some of these principles themselves. Who do you work with primarily? One thing that we are doing for businesses of all sizes so revenue is not important is the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). Did you have a reduction in revenue of over 20% in any quarter in 2020 or 2021 or was your business effected by a government shutdown? We’re finding tremendous amounts of money for businesses of all size. One 14 person company who received $44,000 and another with a $418,000 recovery from the IRS….
  • Did you write your book for the owner of a $20M business or for any business any of any size? So I wrote the book to help anyone in business. Each chapter is a different example of a business that we helped save in a specific category….
  • How are you using your book to get your clients? I wrote the book to help people be better in business. I didn’t write the book for marketing purposes. As a matter of fact the publisher that helped me write the book told me “you have to create funnels” and this and that and I said not I’m not interested in that. This is an informational piece and I’m just going to share it people and don’t care if I get paid. If you go to Amazon you will see that it is not a very expensively priced book…
  • Where can we send people who want to get a copy of your book or learn more about you? You can you can to and on there is a direct link on Amazon to buy the book. There is a hard copy or Kindle version. On the ERC head to which has a questionnaire that can help determine if you qualify.


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To help you achieve your company's financial growth goals, Marc serves as our Chief Cost Advisor, providing advice to client management teams. He is highly regarded as an expert in his field, and he frequently collaborates with and contributes to other spend consultants to develop and implement cutting-edge strategies for their respective clients.

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