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Florida RoundTable with Melissa Foxx

Our CEO, Marc Freedman, joined Melissa Foxx of Florida RoundTable to discuss Post-Pandemic Corporate America: How Will It Be Different?

Florida RoundTable with Melissa Foxx2021-03-12T16:26:55-05:00

Expense To Profit Named a Moxie Award Finalist

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Expense To Profit was recently informed that they we are a Moxie Award finalist in the Emerging Companies category.

Expense To Profit Named a Moxie Award Finalist2021-03-12T16:29:10-05:00

Game Face Podcast | Episode 26 | Exposing Expenses for Extra Profits

This may sound overly simplified, but the bottom line to any business’s profitability is increasing revenues and decreasing expenses. Marc Freedman, the author of the bestseller Expense to Profit, helps companies identify those hidden costs in their business and reduce overall expenses to keep more of their revenues. In a way, he exhumes expenses to help clients get extraordinary profits. But Marc’s work isn’t always about finding cheaper vendors. It’s all about what brings the most revenue and the most value for the business. In this conversation with Rob Cornilles, Marc describes how his diverse team of industry experts finds the best solutions for different clients and how the consultancy makes money from that service. Do you think you have an expense in your business that you’re not too sure you’re getting the most of? Chances are you do, so listen in to this episode and learn how Marc and his team can help you.

Game Face Podcast | Episode 26 | Exposing Expenses for Extra Profits2021-03-12T16:32:24-05:00

Newstalk KXYL – Cut Costs & Save Money

Our CEO, Marc Freedman, joins Celinda Hawkins and JR Williams on Newstalk KXYL to discuss how to cut costs and save money in the new year.

Newstalk KXYL – Cut Costs & Save Money2021-03-12T16:33:45-05:00

FOX59 Post COVID Winners and Losers

The pandemic has changed a lot of the ways the entire world functions businesses have had to adjust how they operate, to keep customers safe. Now, with vaccines and tried many businesses are preparing for life, post pandemic with the changes businesses have made to survive could have a lasting impact especially on other industries, who will need to adjust again in a post pandemic world lot going on to talk more about that.

FOX59 Post COVID Winners and Losers2021-03-12T16:34:29-05:00

The Secret To Why Some Clients Happily Pay More

Expense To Profit is an example of a company that help their clients save money while sharing in the savings. By focusing on the results, they keep themselves on the same side of the table with their clients, and the sales process feels like a shared mission rather than a sales call. Neither party has any interest in wasting time if the client won’t see results. On the other hand, both parties are enthusiastic about proceeding if they agree there is a potential for big savings.

The Secret To Why Some Clients Happily Pay More2021-02-21T21:37:26-05:00
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